Résumé Rob Tieben

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Creator of social and playful solutions using design and research.


smart technology (programming, electronics, sensors & actuators)
Expert in creating smart solutions using interactive technology.

  • Walk of Fame; designed an interactive installation that invites performative play for teenagers in the corridor of a high school.
  • Wiggle the Eye; developed wiggle seats with sensors and actuators that create a social and active playful area in a schoolyard.

organising & planning (multi-disciplinary projects & events)
Strong organisational and planning skills for complex projects.

  • PlayFit project; worked as main design researcher in four-year multi stakeholder project with good results and strong press coverage.
  • Games [4 Health] Jam; organized game design competition weekends to increase cooperation, knowledge sharing and inspiration.

solving complex problems & creating opportunities (design research)
Experienced in using design research to deal with complex situations.

  • Freelance work, designed and developed prototypes that solve clients’ problems such as hockey training or activity motivation.
  • Swimgames.nl; founded and organized multi-disciplinary projects aimed at increasing swimming pools’ visitor numbers through play and games.


PhD in Playful Interactions expected early 2015
Eindhoven University of Technology & Fontys School for ICT
Design research on playful interactions, teenagers and public spaces.

Master of Science in Industrial Design 2010
Eindhoven University of Technology
Design research on intelligent systems, products and services

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design 2008
Eindhoven University of Technology
Design research on intelligent systems, products and services

VWO Gymnasium 2004
Christiaan Huygens College, Eindhoven


Owner and design/research consultant
Idee Brouwerij
Eindhoven, 2014-

Designed and developed interactive systems for clients; focus on motivation, sport, activity and playful interactions.

Lecturer & coach for Bachelor and Master students
Design researcher in PlayFit project (PhD candidate)

Eindhoven University of Technology & Fontys School of ICT
Eindhoven, 2010-2014

Taught and supervised students in several projects and courses, adding new expertises to the existing curriculums.
Developed and evaluated high-fidelity prototypes; worked as main design researcher in this successful multi-disciplinary project, cooperating with schools, companies, government, manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Treasurer and board member
Scouting St. Aloysius Zeelst, voluntary association
Veldhoven, 2009-

Day-to-day running of voluntary association; created a financial sound organisation by increasing grant incomes with 70% and lowering expenses.

Chairman organisation committee scientific conference
SiDeR’09 – Flirting with the Future
Eindhoven, 2008-2009

Managed and organised this three-day scientific conference, with 80+ participants and 24 peer-reviewed publications.

Design research internship about interaction with robots
Mobile Life Centre, research centre
Stockholm, 2009

Design research about robots and interaction, adding expertise in rapid prototyping and evaluation to this research centre; published results at two conferences.

Public Relations student assistant at Industrial Design
Eindhoven University of Technology, Industrial Design department
Eindhoven, 2006-2009

Presented the department’s vision and personal work examples to (inter)national visitors; planned and created a semi-permanent exhibition.


  • Honourable Mention Global Game Jam 2013, location Utrecht; game ‘Heart to Get’; with colleagues
  • 1st prize Dropstuff.nl game design competition (€5000); game ‘Wordsnake’; with colleagues
  • 2nd prize Health 2.0 Challenge concept realisation competition (€2000); game ‘RopeJump’; with colleagues
  • Best Long Paper Award; British HCI 2011 conference
  • 2nd prize Young Talent Social Design Award; design competition Eindhoven Design projects 2010


  • Published 3 journal papers, 10+ peer-reviewed conference papers, 5+ workshop/demo papers, 5+ popular press articles. Full list
  • Delivered many projects for diverse clients and stakeholders. Showcase portfolio
  • Exhibited work at 5+ (inter)national exhibitions. Selection
  • Presented work at 5+ invited talks; presented work at 10+ conferences and symposia.